How To Limit The Emails Sent Per Hour

Note: To be able to use this option you need MailBoy 2004 build 1067 or later.

As many of you should already know, many ISPs limits the number of emails that can be send through their SMTP servers. In order to fit to the ISPs requirements and still be able to send your newsletters without paying much attention on the sending program you have to be able to set the program to send a limited number of emails per hour. This way the program will run smoothly without the risk of being blocked because of the limit violation.

In order to help our customers dealing with this problem, we have implemented a new feature in MailBoy. It is the Limit-Per-Hour option available on the Options dialog of the program.

To enable this option, you have to check the checkbox where it says “Do not set more than” and to set the number of the emails than can be send per 1 hour.

For example, if your ISP has a limit of 200 emails that can be send per 1 hour, then you have to set the “Do not set more than” option to 200. And please, do not forget to enable the option by checking it.

It is recommended that you set the limit value a little less than you need,because it is not 100% accurate, unless you use 1 thread and low timeout. So, if your limit is 400 emails per hour, set it to 380, for example.


If you are using an external SMTP server as a delivery method, please make sure your Threads Count is set to 1-2! This is to ensure that the SMTP server will not be overloaded and start rejecting connection with your computer.

If you have any problems using this option, please do not hesitate to post here in the forum or contact our support.