How to send HTML messages with images

If you want to have a HTML message with pictures included, all you have to do are two things:

1. Upload the picture on your web hosting. If you don’t have one, you can use one of the thousands free hostings in the internet.

2. In the html code of your message, you’ll have to replace the IMG tag, which looks like this:

<img src=”….” alt=”Picture heading” width=”120″ height=”35″>

the “…” part with the URL address of your picture which is uploaded in your web hosting. For example if your web hosting address is:

and the picture’s name is


then your picture’s URL will be:

and the IMG tag will be:

<img src=””>

just replace it with the one generated from your favorite html editor, like Word or Front Page and that’s all.

This way of embedding images in your html message is the preferred one for the most people, because of the saving of the bandwidth. In this way you do not attach the picture directly to the message and the message becomes smaller and will be sent several times faster.