Sending Emails with MailBoy 2004 – STEP BY STEP Guide

I have received few requests on writing a step-by-step guide for sending emails with MailBoy. So, here it is  :-)

First, you have to load the list with emails.

To load an email list you have to click the “add” button bellow the “TO (mail list)” field:

After clicking the “add” button the dialog called “Add Mail List” will appear.

Fill the name of the list with whatever name you want (this is not important).

After this click the “Load Mail List” button on the dialog and browse your mail list:

The mail list that you will load have to be in text format with a single mail in

each line. If not, then use the “Import Mails” button instead of “Load Mail List”
button. It will extract all the emails in specified file, no matter their position.

After the mail list is added, you have to choose which email you will send the message
from. You can do this by selecting one of the accounts in the “FROM (account)” drop-down

If you don’t have a “from” account added yet, you can do this by clicking the

“add” button bellow the “FROM (account)” field. A dialog called “Add Account”
will appear, fill it and click the “Save” button:

Note that the info which you fill in this dialog will appear in the “Sender” field of the

recipient’s mailbox:

Now you are ready to write the message and send it:

Just hit the start button and the program will start to send the message to the

emails in the mail list that you’ve created. You can watch the status of sending
in the “SENDING STATUS” box in the program.

I hope this guide will help. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.