MailBoy 3.1 Released

Happy New Year! Wish you a very successful 2012 in business point of view as well as in personal!

We’ve just released MailBoy version 3.1.

Bellow you’ll find the “what’s new” info.

Mail List Actions are now grouped in a single drop-down menu called “Mail List Actions”:

A new way for import emails in your mailing list – Extract Emails From File. Now you can just browse any text file and all email addresses will be automatically extracted and imported into your mail list:

When you close MailBoy, attachments added to the Attachments field, now are also stored and restored, the next time you start MailBoy.

View Sending Report feature. Now you can view the report of the last sending for the selected mail list:

You can also send the error log to our support team and request a resolution. This will help us provide you a faster and more accurate support, when you need help troubleshooting a sending problem:

Some additional interface re-organization and small bug fixes.