MailBoy 3 Getting Started

This tutorial is supposed to help you get started quickly sending your email campaigns with MailBoy version 3.0 and above.

MailBoy mass mailer software has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. To send mass mail message with MailBoy is almost exactly the same as for example in Microsoft Outlook. You just have to fill the email message subject and text, choose if you want to add attachments, choose recipient and click on the Send Mail button. The only difference is that you can set more advanced options, but only if you want to.

So let’s continue with creating a sample email message and sending it.

Fill the FROM field

The FROM field is the email message sender info. This will show in the recipient’s mailbox as the sender of the email.

you can fill just the email address:

or the name of the sender and the email address:

John Doe

Please, note the the email address is required!

Choose email list in the TO field

This where your email lists are stored. It’s a drop-down menu with the lists names.

You can select an existing email list, that you’ve previously imported in the program:

Let’s create a new email list. Click the ADD button:

A new, empty email list will be created and will be selected in the drop-down menu, called “My New Mail List (000)”.

Click on the EDIT button to open the email list dialog:

First field in the email list catalog is MAIL LIST NAME. You can edit it however you like. It’s for your own usage. What you fill here will show in the main MailBoy window, for the TO drop-down menu:

But before loading the list with the recipients, let’s talk a little bit about it.

The recipients list (or mail list) has to be in .CSV format, which means that it has one recipient record per line, with fields separated by comma. For example:

First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Title
John, Doe,, Mr
Jane, Doe,, Mrs
Michael, Smith,

The email list can also be e single column with just the email addresses, like this:


Please, note the the E-mail column is required to mark the most important column in the mail list.

So, that was the most boring part ;)

Just use the IMPORT button, located on the email list dialog to load your email list:

Click the CLOSE button and here you have your email list loaded and selected.

Add attachments, if you like

It’s as easy as clicking on the ADD button located below the Attachments box in the mail dialog of MailBoy and browsing for the files you would like to attach.

Write your email message subject

Just fill in the Subject box the subject line for your message.

Write the message

Use the rich-text (html) editor, built-in in MailBoy to write your email message. You can insert links, embed pictures, create tables, etc.

Set sending options

You can select sending options or other more advanced options, by clicking the OPTIONS button located at the bottom of MailBoy main dialog.

Note: A more detailed explanation of how the options can be used, will be discussed in one of a following series of tutorials.

Send your mass email message

Just click the SEND button.

That’s all for this introductory tutorial for MailBoy 3 mass mailer software.

More detailed tutorials on using MailBoy’s advanced features will be discussed in a following series of tutorials.