MailBoy 3 Getting Started

This tutorial is supposed to help you get started quickly sending your email campaigns with MailBoy version 3.0 and above.

MailBoy mass mailer software has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. To send mass mail message with MailBoy is almost exactly the same as for example in Microsoft Outlook. You just have to fill the email message subject and text, choose if you want to add attachments, choose recipient and click on the Send Mail button. The only difference is that you can set more advanced options, but only if you want to.

So let’s continue with creating a sample email message and sending it.

Fill the FROM field

The FROM field is the email message sender info. This will show in the recipient’s mailbox as the sender of the email.

you can fill just the email address:

or the name of the sender and the email address:

John Doe

Please, note the the email address is required!

Choose email list in the TO field

This where your email lists are stored. It’s a drop-down menu with the lists names.

You can select an existing email list, that you’ve previously imported in the program:

Let’s create a new email list. Click the ADD button:

A new, empty email list will be created and will be selected in the drop-down menu, called “My New Mail List (000)”.

Click on the EDIT button to open the email list dialog:

First field in the email list catalog is MAIL LIST NAME. You can edit it however you like. It’s for your own usage. What you fill here will show in the main MailBoy window, for the TO drop-down menu:

But before loading the list with the recipients, let’s talk a little bit about it.

The recipients list (or mail list) has to be in .CSV format, which means that it has one recipient record per line, with fields separated by comma. For example:

First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Title
John, Doe,, Mr
Jane, Doe,, Mrs
Michael, Smith,

The email list can also be e single column with just the email addresses, like this:


Please, note the the E-mail column is required to mark the most important column in the mail list.

So, that was the most boring part ;)

Just use the IMPORT button, located on the email list dialog to load your email list:

Click the CLOSE button and here you have your email list loaded and selected.

Add attachments, if you like

It’s as easy as clicking on the ADD button located below the Attachments box in the mail dialog of MailBoy and browsing for the files you would like to attach.

Write your email message subject

Just fill in the Subject box the subject line for your message.

Write the message

Use the rich-text (html) editor, built-in in MailBoy to write your email message. You can insert links, embed pictures, create tables, etc.

Set sending options

You can select sending options or other more advanced options, by clicking the OPTIONS button located at the bottom of MailBoy main dialog.

Note: A more detailed explanation of how the options can be used, will be discussed in one of a following series of tutorials.

Send your mass email message

Just click the SEND button.

That’s all for this introductory tutorial for MailBoy 3 mass mailer software.

More detailed tutorials on using MailBoy’s advanced features will be discussed in a following series of tutorials.

MailBoy 3.1 Released

Happy New Year! Wish you a very successful 2012 in business point of view as well as in personal!

We’ve just released MailBoy version 3.1.

Bellow you’ll find the “what’s new” info.

Mail List Actions are now grouped in a single drop-down menu called “Mail List Actions”:

A new way for import emails in your mailing list – Extract Emails From File. Now you can just browse any text file and all email addresses will be automatically extracted and imported into your mail list:

When you close MailBoy, attachments added to the Attachments field, now are also stored and restored, the next time you start MailBoy.

View Sending Report feature. Now you can view the report of the last sending for the selected mail list:

You can also send the error log to our support team and request a resolution. This will help us provide you a faster and more accurate support, when you need help troubleshooting a sending problem:

Some additional interface re-organization and small bug fixes.

MailBoy 3.0.11 Released

Today we’ve released version 3.0.11 of MailBoy Mass Mailer software.

This version has few small bugs fixed, some re-order of dialogs buttons and fields (to make MailBoy even more easy to use) and also some new stuff.

We’ve added “Remove Duplicates” function in the mail list dialog, which will allow you to remove duplicate email addresses from your mail list.

MailBoy 3.0 Released

I’m glad to announce the immediate availability of MailBoy version 3.0.

It features a lot of new features and more are coming in the following updates.

We’ll be posting tutorials and articles about the new version of MailBoy in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned :)


It’s a great idea to test how YOUR message stacks up before you send it out.

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The report will tell you exactly which words are costing you points. Usually you should only be concerned if your score is over 5 points. If so, you can either delete those words or disguise them.

Other content checkers you can refer to are:

How To Limit The Emails Sent Per Hour

Note: To be able to use this option you need MailBoy 2004 build 1067 or later.

As many of you should already know, many ISPs limits the number of emails that can be send through their SMTP servers. In order to fit to the ISPs requirements and still be able to send your newsletters without paying much attention on the sending program you have to be able to set the program to send a limited number of emails per hour. This way the program will run smoothly without the risk of being blocked because of the limit violation.

In order to help our customers dealing with this problem, we have implemented a new feature in MailBoy. It is the Limit-Per-Hour option available on the Options dialog of the program.

To enable this option, you have to check the checkbox where it says “Do not set more than” and to set the number of the emails than can be send per 1 hour.

For example, if your ISP has a limit of 200 emails that can be send per 1 hour, then you have to set the “Do not set more than” option to 200. And please, do not forget to enable the option by checking it.

It is recommended that you set the limit value a little less than you need,because it is not 100% accurate, unless you use 1 thread and low timeout. So, if your limit is 400 emails per hour, set it to 380, for example.


If you are using an external SMTP server as a delivery method, please make sure your Threads Count is set to 1-2! This is to ensure that the SMTP server will not be overloaded and start rejecting connection with your computer.

If you have any problems using this option, please do not hesitate to post here in the forum or contact our support.

How To Set The Program To Auto-Retry To Send To Failed

Note: To be able to use this option you need MailBoy 2004 build 1067 or later.

We have received several requests from our customers to modify the re-sending to the failed email addresses so it can be configured to auto-retry the sending for a given number of attempts.

This feature is now implemented in the program and it is available from the Options dialog where it says “Try to re-send to failed mail addresses”. After that there is a field where you can type the number of the attempts that the program will retry to send to the failed email addresses.

Note: If the value of the retry attempts is set to 0, then the program will not try to re-send after the initial sending is finished.

If you have any problems using this option, please do not hesitate to post here in the forum or contact our support.

How to send HTML messages with images

If you want to have a HTML message with pictures included, all you have to do are two things:

1. Upload the picture on your web hosting. If you don’t have one, you can use one of the thousands free hostings in the internet.

2. In the html code of your message, you’ll have to replace the IMG tag, which looks like this:

<img src=”….” alt=”Picture heading” width=”120″ height=”35″>

the “…” part with the URL address of your picture which is uploaded in your web hosting. For example if your web hosting address is:

and the picture’s name is


then your picture’s URL will be:

and the IMG tag will be:

<img src=””>

just replace it with the one generated from your favorite html editor, like Word or Front Page and that’s all.

This way of embedding images in your html message is the preferred one for the most people, because of the saving of the bandwidth. In this way you do not attach the picture directly to the message and the message becomes smaller and will be sent several times faster.

How to create formatted email messages using MS Word


Here is in few steps how to create formatted text with hyperlinks in MS Word and send it using MailBoy 2004.

First, start MS Word and type the text for your message and format it as you like. You can include hyperlinks if you like.

Note that you must not include pictures as they will not appear in the message, because of the specific html formatting that MS Word produces. If you want to have pictures in your message, you have to add them as described in this article.

After the message is ready and formatted, save it as a web page using the File menu:

Now in MailBoy 2004 use the “load” button located bellow the message box and browse the file you have saved from MS Word as a html page.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE “Send as HTML message” OPTION below the message box before sending:

I hope this will help. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to use an external SMTP server for sending emails

Why is this feature needed ?

MailBoy has a built-in SMTP server for sending the messages directly from your PC to the recipient’s mail server (without using any ISP SMTP server). This is the fastest and preferable method for sending email messages.

However for the correct work of the program, you need to have access to port 25.

If you’re operating within a restrictive firewall, as most users of large ISPs do, then you won’t be able to use MailBoy’s built-in SMTP for sending the messages, because of the blocking of port 25.

Most of free ISP’s such as Juno, WorldShare, EarthLink, NetZero, and others block the port 25 and will only allow you to send email using their email servers. In this case you will need to use the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider to deliver your message.

This is why we’ve implemented in MailBoy the ability to use an external SMTP server for sending the messages.

How it works ?

First, MailBoy sends a message to the external SMTP server. This server puts your email in outgoing message queue, the message is sent to your correspondent’s mail server. And only after that, your correspondent can receive it.

If the server is not overloaded, delivering a message takes just a few seconds. But this also might take a longer time.

When to use it ?

If your messages failed to send you have tried everything described in this article,
and still no success sending a message out. Then it is most likely that your ISP is blocking port 25 and you have to use an external SMTP server in order to be able to send messages.

How to use this feature ?

You can set the usage of an external SMTP server from the Options dialog of the program:

  1. Check the option “Use external SMTP server to deliver the messages”
  2. For “SMTP server” fill the address of your ISP’s SMTP server. If you don’t know it, please asko your ISP about it.
  3. Set the “Port” to 25, except if your ISP have stated some other port for using its SMTP server. In that case, fill the value required by your ISP.
  4. If the external SMTP server requires authentication, then check the option “This SMTP server requires authentication” and fill your user name in the “Login” field and your password in the “Password” field.

This is it. You are now ready to send the messages using an external SMTP server. If you want to switch back to using the program’s built-in SMTP server, just uncheck the “Use external SMTP server to deliver the messages” option from the Options dialog.


Set the optimal Threads Count

More of the ISPs will not allow you to send high volume email campaigns through their SMTP servers, because they have set sending limits. The limit could be the number of messages allowed to be send within an hour or a day, etc. So, be sure not to set high value for the Threads Count (in the Options dialog). This way you will also prevent oveloading of the SMTP server.

If your mail list is less than 1000 or few thousands, the best is to set the Threads Count within the 1-5 range. Don’t worry, the messages will be sent fast enough, except if the SMTP server is currently busy (or overloaded).