MailBoy 3.1 Released

Happy New Year! Wish you a very successful 2012 in business point of view as well as in personal!

We’ve just released MailBoy version 3.1.

Bellow you’ll find the “what’s new” info.

Mail List Actions are now grouped in a single drop-down menu called “Mail List Actions”:

A new way for import emails in your mailing list – Extract Emails From File. Now you can just browse any text file and all email addresses will be automatically extracted and imported into your mail list:

When you close MailBoy, attachments added to the Attachments field, now are also stored and restored, the next time you start MailBoy.

View Sending Report feature. Now you can view the report of the last sending for the selected mail list:

You can also send the error log to our support team and request a resolution. This will help us provide you a faster and more accurate support, when you need help troubleshooting a sending problem:

Some additional interface re-organization and small bug fixes.

MailBoy 3.0.11 Released

Today we’ve released version 3.0.11 of MailBoy Mass Mailer software.

This version has few small bugs fixed, some re-order of dialogs buttons and fields (to make MailBoy even more easy to use) and also some new stuff.

We’ve added “Remove Duplicates” function in the mail list dialog, which will allow you to remove duplicate email addresses from your mail list.

MailBoy 3.0 Released

I’m glad to announce the immediate availability of MailBoy version 3.0.

It features a lot of new features and more are coming in the following updates.

We’ll be posting tutorials and articles about the new version of MailBoy in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned :)

MailBoy 2004 releases log

Build 1073 (25 September 2007)

  • Unsubscribers List bug fixed.
  • Few more little fixes added.

Build 1072 (4 November 2006)

  • Added a new enhanced dialog to display the sending results in details and simplifies getting support if a problem with sending occurs.
  • A bug related to the UNSUBSCRIBERS List is now fixed.

Build 1070 (25 September 2006)

  • Ability to use %email% and %name% in the message body, which will be replaced with the current recipient email address and the name of the mailbox (the string before @ in the email address).
  • Now the Limit Sent Emails Per Hour option is customizable and works not only for a fixed interval of time (1 hour), but for any given time interval in minutes.
  • Added a new option to specify the “HELO” domain name.
  • Few bugs fixed.

Build 1067 (8 February 2006)

  • Ability to set the limit of the emails sent per hour added. More Info!
  • Ability to set the number of the attempts that the program tries to auto-resend to the failed email addresses. More Info!
  • Preview message before sending feature.

Build 1064 (1 June 2005)

  • The new in this version is the optimized built-in SMTP server. Now the program sends much much faster and doesn’t get stuck after sending few thousand emails like it did sometimes on some systems.

Build 1062 (18 April 2005)

  • Released the final version of the external SMTP Server feature.
  • A minor bug when selecting to use external SMTP server is now fixed.
  • Some additional info added to registration dialog.

Build 1060 (08 March 2005)

  • Released new BETA version of MailBoy 2004 Mass Mailer with added ability to use an external SMTP Server. To learn more about this new feature, please CLICK HERE!

Build 1057 (13 January 2005)

  • The bug causing the error “Unnamed file contains an invalid path.” is now fixed.

Build 1043 (15 January 2004)

  • Ability to import email addresses from WAB (Windows Address Book) added (by user’s request).

Build 1042 (25 November 2003)

  • Context menus for Message Body and Mail List added (by user’s request).

Build 1041 (19 November 2003)

  • Ability to specify external DNS server added.

Build 1039 (28 October 2003)

  • Unsubscribers list feature added (by user’s request).

Build 1038 (20 October 2003)

  • Save unprocessed emails feature added (by user’s request).

Build 1037 (07 October 2003)

  • Add Sender Account bug fixed.
  • Status skin added.

Build 1034 (10 September 2003)

  • Re-send failed emails feature added (by user’s request).

Build 1000 (10 September 2003)

  • New version of the built-in SMTP server released.