Why did my message fail to send ?

In this topic we explain the most common reasons why MailBoy 2004 can not send a message and give possible solutions to them.

ATTENTION! You should TURN OFF the antivirus software on outgoing mail when you send messages with MailBoy 2004 as it may slow the sending process and cause different errors.

1. ERROR: Failed (Unable to resolve the MX records from the server)

This error is received when failed to extract the name of the mail server of the recipient’s email.

Possible reasons for this error:

Problem: The programs DNS didn’t succeeded to resolve the recipient’s mail server and that’s why it failed to send the message.
Solution: Open the Options dialog in the program and fill your Primary DNS, if you don’t know it, ask your ISP about it.

Problem: The computer is currently not connected to Internet, or the internet connection is temporarily lost.
Solution: Reconnect to Internet or connect through another ISP.

Problem: The computer is behind a proxy server.
Solution: Connect to Internet directly, without using a proxy server.

If nothing of the above helps, then call your ISP and ask them if they are blocking port 25 (where the mails go out). If they are blocking it, then the only solution is to change ISP (we recommend small local ISPs, don’t use nationwide like AOL, MSN or Earthlink).

2. ERROR: Failed (No one of mail servers responds) and Failed (Connection with mail server lost)

Problem: The mail server of the recipient is too busy and rejects new connections.
Solution: Increase the timeout and lower down the threads count from the Options dialog. Or try sending again later.

Problem: Your IP address is blacklisted and the mail server of the recipient rejects the connections.
Solution: Connect through another ISP.

If non of the above solutions helps you, then you can try sending messages using an external SMTP server. To learn more about this new MailBoy’s feature, please READ THIS.